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Store indoor and away from access to open areas. If left in the open, protect them with water proof covers.
If material is not required for immediate use, stack them neatly and clear off the ground. Maintain a clear gap of 30cm between sheet package and ground.
Store off the ground and with a minimum 60° slope (1:10) so than if rain penetrates the covering, water will drain away and not penetrated the stock.
Inspect the storage site regularly to ensure that moisture has not penetrated the stock.
If stacked or bundled products becomes wet, separate it without delay, wipe it with a clean cloth and stack it to dry thoroughly.
The sheet should be kept gently to ensure that it is not damaged.
Don’t place sheets vertically without proper support.
Don’t keep sheets in direct contact with soil.
Don’t let the surface get wet.
Don’t use metal chain for lifting sheets.


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