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Technical Specification of Insufoam Insulation

No. Characteristic Test Result Method
1 Density 30-40 Kg/m3 ISO 845 1988 (E)
2 Reflectivity 0.97 ASTM E408
3 Emissivity Aluminium Foil 0.03 ASTM C1371
4 UV Resistance Excellent
5 Chemical Resistance Excellent with AI Foil ASTM D-543/BS 4618
6 Temperature Range -80 C to + 90 C
7 Flexibility Excellent BS 4433
8 Heat Resistance (R-Value) 3.0m3 C/W ASTM C236
9 Thermal Conductivity 0.030 Kcal/m3 ASTM C-177
10 Flammability HF-1 UL-94

Trapezoidal Profile Drawing

Structure of Pre-Painted Steel Sheets

Benefits / Key Feathers:

Replaces fiber bats and building in most applications and helps achieve MINIMUM 5 to 7 Degree cooler inside.
To resist moisture and reduce condensation and it prevents the canfid of temperature level differences.
Thermal insulated Metal Sheet prevents rein impact and other sound at 50 decibel
The stable heat performance even in high humidity environments.
Enhanced corrosion protection
It is no toxic and environment friendly.
Reduce the electricity consumption in cold storage and many more storage area.
It gives aesthetic look to quality industrial commercial buildings.
Very low maintenance and excellent durability.


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