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To meet the objectives, Thermalon Metal Roof Pvt. Ltd. management is committed to provide Good & Healthy working atmosphere to their employees along with moral values. Following are the principles laid to respect the commitment made:

To make Safety, Health and Environmental considerations a priority during planning & development of products
To identify and address the social concerns about raw materials, products and operations
To operate the machineries within the facility in a manner to protect the environment, safety and health of our employees and the public at large
To counsel both internal and external customers significantly industry related safety, health and environment hazards, and to recommend protective measures
To dedicate and commit to reduce overall emissions and waste generation
To comply with statutory norms for responsible laws, regulations and standards to safeguard the community, workplace and environment
To economically develop and manufacture the products to conserve those resources by using energy efficiently
To promote the principles and practices by sharing experience and offering assistance to others who are engaged in similar business

Believe with this, Thermalon Metal Roof Pvt. Ltd. shall promote safe & environment friendly working culture to their employees & society.


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