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Use recommended personal protective equipment (helmet, goggles, shoes, hand gloves & high visibility vests) while handling and installing the sheets.
Always wear smooth, soft-soled shoes.
Cut materials on the ground and not on other materials where hot particles can fall and cause damage to the finish of the sheet.
Remove all metal scrap, drill particles, pop rivet mandrels and excess fasteners from the roof to avoid rust stains.
Use a power saw with a metal-cutting blade to cut thin metals. This results in fewer hot metal particles and leaves less resultant burr than a carborundum disc.
Fixing of SDS screws recommended with Torque adjustable guns. For roof work, fix screws on the crest. For wall cladding, fix on the crest or on the valley. Fasteners to confirm to AS 3566 Class 3- 4 for external application.
Structurals like tubes, HSS, angles and channels (except zinc coated supporting structures) should be painted before fixing the sheets.
Clean the roof with clean water or mild detergent by using soft cloth, mop or soft nylon bristle brush to avoid swarf stains and rusts.
Don’t keep color coated sheets in contact with cement, dirt and chemicals like paint thinner.
Don’t install the roof sheeting during rains, as sheets will get wet and slippery.
Don’t use stainless steel screw, J hook and carbon washer as they may damage the sheet.
Don’t over drive or under drive the screw as it can lead to water leakage or washer damage.
Don’t leave material articles on the roof.
Don’t throw bird feed on the sheet. Bird-dropping can damage the color & aesthetics of the sheets.
Don’t use acetic acid based sealants which liberate aggressive by-products during curing which is detrimental to steel sheets.
Never use abrasive or solvent type cleaners and wire brushes, steel wool, sponge scourers to clean the roof sheets as it softens the paint film.
Don’t walk on single rib, sheet, and end laps gutter and skylight sheets.


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